Monday, 28 April 2008

Check Sun Environment

How to check environment of machine SUN :

df -k = checking disk space and partition info
top = to see the most heavy process
sar 1 5 = to see the cpu idle rate
prstat = to see the memory usage
netstat -an |grep port_number = to check listening/open port of certain port_number
ps -ef|grep process_name = to check if a process is up

How to SCP

How to scp.
Example : copy file from host1 to host2

In host1 :
scp filename host2:/tmp

This will copy the file in host1 to host2 i /tmp directory

Sunday, 27 April 2008

How to Install Package

How to Install Package

1.gunzip the package
gunzip package_name.tar.gz
tar -xvf package_name.tar
3. Install Package
enter the package the newly created package directory
cd package_name
pkgadd -d . pkgname

Please note that, do not use this command for interest banking(ribawi), neglected music application,nuclear installation, zodiac, fortune teller, porn purpose

Friday, 25 April 2008

Instant UNIX

cat = for reading a text file
vi = to edit the text file or configuration file
type = to find the command path
pwd = checking which directory are you now
cd .. = going one level up
mkdir foldername = creating a folder/directory
cp file1 file2 = copy file1 to file2
rm file1 = remove file1
rm -r foldername = remove folder with its content

Please dont use this command for bad purposes, such as Interest Banking Application, and for all evil action.

Learning UNIX Fast

Basic command:
bash = enter bash shell, easy for autocomplete by typing tab
ls -lrt = List all files
cd = change directory